Accounting Packages

  • Subtitle: Prisstruktur på bogføring

All accounting packages contain accounting based on the number of vouchers
VAT reporting is not included in accounting packages
Taxcard and annual assessment for Hobby- and sole proprietorships are not included in accounting packages
Preparing payroll for employees is a price add on



Small business up to 5 vouchers per month 300,-
Max 10 vouchers per month 600,-
Max 20 vouchers per month 800,-
21 to 30 vouchers per month 1.000,-
31 to 40 vouchers per month 1.200,-
41 to 50 vouchers per month 1.400,-
51 to 60 vouchers per month 1.600,-
61 to 70 vouchers per month 1.800,-
71 to 80 vouchers per month 2.000,-
81 to 90 vouchers per month 2.200,-
91 to 100 vouchers per month 2.400,-

Prices are excl. VAT

Taxcard pr stk. 240,-
Reporting of VAT per stk. 600,-
Annual Assessment – Hobby- and sole proprietorships per stk. 800,-

Prices are excl. VAT

Prices for the preparation of payroll

We have great experience in using the SALARY application. The SALARY system charges DKK 19 ex. VAT pr. pay check.
IU Service charges DKK 50 ex. VAT pr. payslip for preparation of a payslip and accounting service of this.


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