At IU Service ApS, we know it can be difficult to handle laws and tax rules in Denmark for both foreigners and Danes. Tax regulations and rules for deduction options, amount changes, etc. are changing dynamically.

We often experience, that our customers are frustrated about,  how to interpret the rules and laws that are typical when filling out an information form to form an annual tax assessment notice.
This is where we offer you our help, so you can get the needed advice and assistance when filling out the annual tax assessment notice, so that things are done correctly.  

We have many years of experience in giving advice regarding tax rules to private individuals, and this is your security, that we are able to advise you properly.

Please remember that we can only advise you, based on the information that you give us.

You can read about our offers and prices under the menu PRIVATE.


By filling out the contact form, we strive to answer your inquiry within 24 hours. We thank you for your patience.

You can reach us on +45 93 85 80 85

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