Preliminary income assessment / Tax card

Preliminary income assessment / tax card is something all taxpayers in Denmark receive in their tax portfolio at the end of November every year.

Preliminary income assessment is extremely important

The preliminary income assessment is your own private budget to the Tax authority. If there are changes in your income, your distance to work or anything else, it is important to adjust the preliminary income assessment. The budget you make ultimately forms a result based on what you have earned and have had of deductions during the year. In short, the preliminary income as

In IU Service ApS, we experience great demand every year, for our service regarding advice and filling in the preliminary income assessment.


Preliminary income assessment online 240,-

Prices are incl. VAT

Good advice for the Preliminary income assessment / Tax card

  • If you earn less than DKK 31,300 a month before tax, it is better to set the income a little too low than a little too high if you want to avoid residual tax
  • If you earn more than DKK 48,100 a month before tax, it is better to set the income too high
  • The deductions are the most important thing to keep track of


  • We take responsibility for putting the numbers in the correct columns
  • We make your Preliminary income assessment based on your information
  • We do not take responsibility for the information you as the customer give us to fill in the Preliminary income assessment. We are not an authority and have no right to control the information you give us.


IU Service ApS charges fees at fixed prices. We point out that payment of our fees is not based on a commission model based on what you get more in deduction / salary, or that you can get our service free of charge if you do not get higher deduction / salary.
We are a professional company that advises according to danish rules.


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